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  • Cl02-S is the best & cost effective water sanitizer or water treatment product available out of all the currently used technologies. Cl02-S is readily soluble in water & even better than chlorine & more efficacious than free chlorine or bromine or Hydrogen Peroxide due to very high Oxidising Power. Cl02-S generates chlorine dioxide when comes into contact with water or when exposed to moisture in ambient air. It is the most convenient way to deliver high purity chlorine dioxide at the point of use.
Application Rate
Regular During Outbreaks
Drinking Water 1 tablet (10g) in 1000 ltr water ( 1 ppm) 4 tablet (10g) in 1000 ltr water ( 4ppm)
Fogging 1 tablet (10g) in 25 ltr ltr water ( 40 ppm) 1 tablet (10g) in 13ltr ltr water ( 80ppm)
Algicide / Slimicide 1 tablet (10g) in 50 ltr water (20 ppm) 1 tablet (10g) in 25ltr water (40 ppm)
  • 50 tablets/10 tablets


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