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Advance Animal Health

Animal Health Care At Sunways

We at SUNWAYS create value for our business and society by improving the health of animals; enhancing the sustainability of animal agriculture; and enriching the lives of our customers, colleagues and communities around the world.
We strive to use our global leadership, resources, expertise and product portfolio to make a difference in six areas of responsibility, listed below.


We create new scientific insights to better predict, prevent and treat disease and, in livestock animals, to maximize healthy performance and production. We also broaden the reach of our existing products and enhance the value they bring to customers by developing more convenient formulations and combinations; obtaining new claims that expand product benefits; adapting for use in additional species; and by expanding approvals into more countries.


If it seems like outbreaks of infectious disease in animals and people have increased, they have. Contributing factors include encroachment of suburban communities into woodlands, climate change, and increasing global travel and trade. Preventing and controlling them is important to protect animal and human health and to help assure a safe, sustainable supply of animal protein.


No company, large or small, can succeed alone in the world of breakthrough with innovative products. SUNWAYS is increasingly recognized as the animal health partner of choice for powerful research and development partnerships that combine complementary talents, expertise and passion with the organizational capacity to deliver innovative products that improve the care of animals globally. We enrich our broad internal R&D capabilities with alliances that help foster creativity, facilitate risk sharing and advance innovative science.